SX300 Group Parts Pool Participation Policies

This Parts Pool program is intended to help solve some of the critical parts problems that exist and those that will worsen as our aircraft age. This approach should help Doug maintain a modest supply of hard to find parts, speciality parts and parts that have to be purchased in quantities, while eliminating most accounts receivable issues and avoid taking advantage of anyone. Parts Pool policy will be reviewed annually by the SX300 Group and changes made as required.

  1. Participation is required ( those with flying aircraft) for purchase of parts from the Parts Pool. Meaning: No Pool parts will be sold to non-participants.

  2. An initial contribution of $1000.00 (one thousand) per member will generate funds to stock essential parts as proposed by Doug Poli.

  3. The SX300 Group will maintain a record of each member’s account in the Pool. Steps have been made as the result of our last meeting in Hurricane, Utah for Ron Contino, along with Doug Poli, to manage the fund.

  4. Each Pool participant may have an accounting of available parts and dollar balance in the Pool at his request.

  5. As parts are purchased from the Pool, Buyer will pay the actual replacement cost. Pool parts will be sent COD to the Buyer. These monies will be used to replenish the Parts Pool inventory and each participant should at all times retain a $1000.00 Credit balance. (This does not mean you are limited to purchasing only $1000.00 in parts.)

  6. Credit balances in the Pool will be tied to each airplane and in the event of an aircraft sale by a participant, the Credit balance will be transferred to the new owner. The seller, in order to recoup his Pool Parts participation, must add this amount to his aircraft sale price.

  7. In the event an aircraft is damaged beyond repair, the credit balance for that aircraft remains in the Parts Pool. No cash reserve is maintained in the Pool for payback to Pool participants.

  8. Any SX300 Group member in the building process would be governed by these same policies upon completion of his aircraft.

  9. To participate in the Parts Pool, payment of $1000.00 is due January, 2004. To participate in the Parts Pool after March 15, 2004, a participant must pay $2000.00 (unless it is a newly completed airplane).

  10. In the event the SX300 Group does not remain functional or the Parts Pool is dissolved, any balance of funds or funds received from parts will be divided equally among Parts Pool participants.

Make check payable to Doug Poli and mail to:

Doug Poli
8504 Brookview Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76180.

Please enclose your name, phone #, e-mail address and N # of your SX300 aircraft.

These funds will be held in a separate account managed by Doug Poli and Ron Contino.

To see list of parts click link below.

Parts Pool Inventory